Capt lou Fleet Burials at Sea


Captain Lou's Long Island Burials at Sea offers a variety of Burial at Sea Services:

  • Ash Scatterings at Sea

  • Full Body Burials

  • Memorial Cruises to the Coordinates of Past Burial at Sea Services

  • Add a Memorial Bay Cruise after the scattering


Captain Lou's Long Island Burials at sea can provide ash scattering services for 1 - 149 passengers and ash scatterings and full body burials at sea for 30 149 passengers. 

Our Vessels include: 

  • 1-6 passenger Accurisa
  • 1-6 passenger Diamond Girl * potentially up to 20ppl in 2021 
  • 30-149 passenger Capt Lou VII and Atlantic Pearl 

With a fleet that can accommodate large or small gatherings, the captain lou fleet is dedicated to hosting a ceremony that will honor the lives of our deceased loved ones or pets. 

Please call us for more information (516) 623-5823



(516) 623-5823

Email: [email protected]

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